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    1 She __ the piano. a American English File 1 Student Book verbs for things people do in their free time? d__ homework l_ _ tomusic w TV. American English File - 1 ▫ Student's Book PDF file, MB doc_ ▫ Workbook PDF file, 16 MB. Students book workbook test cdrom audio video cd teachers book keys. American English File Учебник, рабочая тетрадь, тесты, ответы и ключи, аудио и American English File 1 Student's book · American English File 1 Class Audio Cds.

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    American English File 1 Student Book Gratis

    As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads American English File 4. Workbook Answer key. File 5C. 1 Grammar. b 1. he. American English File Starter: Student Book Work Book Multipack B. Students can learn in the classroom or on the move with Online Practice, iChecker, the Pronunciation App, and more. Student Book with Online Practice. Welcome to the American English File Student's Site. download class audio, workbook audio, and all video for the American English File, Second Edition. English File Second Edition Level 1 · American English File Second Edition Level 2.

    Four-skills American English course with a communicative methodology, engaging texts, and a strong pronunciation syllabus - designed to get students speaking. American English File gets students talking thanks to its unique and proven formula combining confidence-building, opportunity, and motivation. High-interest content is organized in lively, achievable lessons, using humor and imagination to encourage students to communicate and enjoy learning English. Solid grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation foundation carefully supports the work with the four skills and gradually builds students' confidence and performance in English The Workbook helps students to study more effectively, with clear links to the Student Book and the Students' Website. Teacher's Book packed with extra ideas and over 60 photocopiable activities per level provides teachers with additional support. The Multi-ROM includes an interactive CD-ROM and an audio CD, with video extracts and activities, interactive grammar quizzes, vocabulary banks, pronunciation charts, and listen and practice audio material. DVD video includes fully-integrated videos for Practical English lessons, controlled listen-and-repeat practice of key language.

    Teachercom's Library. Mahmoud Daboul Prof. Mahmoud Azab https: Informal letters: Do you write letters, emails, speak on the telephone, send cards, text using a mobile phone, or use a social networking site such as Facebook? Sometimes we need to communicate a lot of information and a letter or email may be the easiest way to do this.

    These are personal letters. Personal letters may be short or long but they are usually chatty and informal. Formal letters: We may need to write formal letters or emails for many different reasons. For example, we may write to find out information, to apply for a job or a course, to make a complaint, to give information or to send an apology. It can be helpful to look at examples of different kinds of letters that other people have written to get an idea about how to lay out your letter and the kind of language to use.

    Who am I writing to? A Where you from? A you on vacation? C No, we. We're students. Learn more about the verb bernand 8 and practice it.

    Ask them to another pair. Where's she from? I A Where are you from?

    American Headway English Courses : Starter, + Audios | MoroccoEnglish

    B I'm from Boston. B No,I'm not. I'm Australian. Can you say the numbers? Do part 3. Dictate them to a partner. What's the difference? V classroom language How do you spell your last name? Can you say any ofthem in English?

    Listen and check. Listen to the interview and complete her form. Complete the receptionist's questions. Write down his or her answers. Learn more about possessive adjectives and practice them. Change the sentences. Find out ifsome actors' and singers' names are their real names or not. Complete an application for a student visa and write a paragraph about you. Online Procfce Mark the sentences T true or F false. S She's an assiscanr editor. Say why the F sentences are false.

    Answer the questions. I Complete Jenny's last name: Complete the You Hear phrases. I have a reservation.

    My name's Jennifer Zielinski. For five nights? Yes, that's right. Can I have your passport, please? Just a second Here you are. Thank you. Can you sign here,? The is over there. The lift? Enjoy your stay, Ms. Read your role and look at the dialogue in 3b. What do you need to change? A book open You are the receptionist.

    B's room is on the second floor. B book closed You arrive at the hotel. Use your first name and last name. Role-play the dialogue. Then change roles. Listen and repeat the Can? Can you spell that? Can I have? Can I haveyour passport, please? Can I have my key, please? How do you ask the receptionist to give you? Say why the Fsentences are false. Listen and repeat the Would you like? Practice offering drinks and responding. Would you like a coffee? Would you like another tea?

    Yes, please. No, thanks. We use Wouldyou like? We respond Yes, please or No, thanks. Who says them: Jenny, Rob, or the waitress? Social English phrases I'm here [on business]. I'm from [New York. What about you? No problem. Is that [Jennifer]? This is [Rob. Rob Walker]. That's perfect. It's time for bed. Do you know what they are in your language? Do you know any ofhis books?

    Do you think the room is neat? What's this in English? Are their tables neat? I the things they have. Say what things you have. Say ifthe table is neat or not. It isn't neat.

    A close your eyes. B give things to your partner and ask What is it? What are they? Practice the dialogues. What's the difference between? Practice saying them. Put four ofyour things on your table singular or plural. Ask your partner. For the things on your table: For things in the classroom point: Online Practice Write the missing letters. It's r d l'! Ask and answer. Do part I. Label the pictures in the US quiz using an adjective and a noun from each circle.

    Learn more about adjectives and practice them. Can you remember the eight phrases? Write them in the chart. Look at the typical spellings for these sounds.

    Practice saying the phrases. Do part 2. A say an adjective.

    B say a famous person. Who are the two people? He's a famous American actor. He's tall and he's very attractive. He has long hair and brown eyes. I think he's about She's a very beautiful actress. She's short and slim,; and she has long dark hair. She's a Hollywood star, but she isn't American, she's Spanish.

    Guess the meaning ofthe 6i. Use the jobs in the box to help you. Give it to your partner. B ask ten questions using Is? Is she America'!! NOT 11'teve -;ery 1'ttmgry. Repeat the phrases.

    Make[ij and F sentences about how you feel and tell your partner. I'm really hungry. I'm very tired. I'm not hot. Look at the pictures. Listen and number them Try to guess what the fbighligluea phrases mean. Turn right. Mom Please slow down! This roadis very dangerous.

    Dad Don't worry. You know I'm a good driver. Mom Be carefuj! Can you turn itoff? Turn the air conditioning on, please. Dad Are you hot, Suzy? Suzy No, I'm cold. Mom Open your window, Tim.

    Where's the water? Mom Hereyou are. Tim I'm hungry. Can we stop soon? Mom Let's stop at that service station. Dad OK. Suzy This is my iPod! Dad Be quiet! Tim Are we there yet? I'm bored. Dad It's not far now. Only 15 mites. Tim Can you turn the radio on please, Mom?

    American English File Books

    Mom OK. Dad Oh, no! Dad We're here. At the hotel. Tim Great! Mom Don't park here. Lookatthat sign. No parking. It's OK. Come on. Let's go. What are the two problems the family has? Then complete the chart. Don't park here! Learn more about imperatives and let's, and practice them. Can you remember the imperatives and suggestions with each picture? Can you remember the phrases? J Connectedspeech When people speak, they don't usually separate all the words.

    For example, if a word ends with a consonant and the next word begins with a vowel, they join them together, e. Role-play dialogues.

    I Hello. B He's from Turkey. They're Vietnamese. B They're keys. That dog's dangerous.

    Answer Stand Open Read Work 1 the text. Do you know any more words that are British English, not American English? American and British English- the same, but different American and British people speak the same language- English, but with some small differences.

    Some words have different meanings, for example in American English, a purse is a woman's bag. In British English, apurse is a small thing like a wallet where women have their moQgy and credit cards. Do the tasks with a partner. Can you? Say the phrase. Do you think they are true or not true? Then read the text and check your answers.

    Americans eat fast food every day. Pei from China It's true that Americans eat a lot of fast food, but they don't eat fast food every day. I share an apartment with an American woman, and she cooks all the time.

    She only eats fast food on some days-with me! The sun shines a lot in Southern California. The sun shines a lot there. It doesn't shineievery day, but be careful when it shines. It gets very hot! Naomi from Japan I have a lot of friends here and many of them have a dog, a cat or a bird.

    One American family that I know has a dog, a cat. American people love animals! Americans are always loud. Gianni from Italy Some Americans are very loud, but I work with an American man atacoffee shop, and he's really quietand polite. But he's avery nice guy! Look at the llighlightea verbs. Why do some verbs end in -s? Isl She speaks Spanish. He drinks coffee. She cooks every day. He has a cat. She does homework.

    He goes to the movies on Friday night. The movie finishes in a minute. The weather changes a lot. Change the sentence. I live in an apartment. Choose verb phrases from p. I don't wear glasses. Tell your new partner the six things about your old partner. She doesn't wear glasses. These are some ofher reasons Coffee American cups ofcoffee are very big! A small cup ofcoffee in the US is like a large cup ofcoffoe in Australia. Ifyou're in a hurry, you go to a drive-through and download coffee from your car.

    It's so easy! State Parks California has state parks, and they are beautiful. On the weekends, I bring my family to a state park in my area.

    Malls I love shopping, and in the US, the malls are very big. People walk around and shop for hours. US malls have many different stores, and the salespeople are friendly and help you find things. Fall I love the fall weather in the US. A good fall day in California is cool, but not too cold. I also love the trees. They change from green to yellow, red, and brown. In which one can you see? Freeways I prefer the roads in the US.

    The freeways are very fast, and in California they have a lot ofcar lanes. It's really easy to drive from one place to another. My children like the rides and water slides. Sometimes the Iines for the rides are long, but that's OK. We need rest! Red Robin Red Robin is a restaurant that has great hamburgers. I don't eat meat, but I like the french fries and lemonade at Red Robin.

    I think the fried cheese sticks are fantastic, but sometimes they aren't on the menu. Maybe that's because they aren't very healthy! What do they mean? Compare your ideas with a partner. Mark the sentence T true or F false. Say why the Fones are false. Say ifit's the same or different in your country or city. C Useful words: Why are the freeways good? Ask five other students in the class. A team ofthree people ask Wayne questions about his job and his wife Tanya's job.

    Write W next to the questions they ask Wayne about his job, and T next to the questions they ask aboutTanya's job. What are Wayne's answers? What do you think his job is? What do you think her job is? What do Wayne and his wife do? Why are questions 3 and 4 different?

    No, I 3 she work with computers? No, she 4 she work on the weekend? Learn more about the simple present [1] and practice it. Choose jobs from p. Ask questions to guess the jobs.

    What do you do? His job, her job Where? Iprefer Turkish coffee. Journalists work all over the world. Shirley is thirty on Thursday. Ask and answer questions. A Ask B the questions.

    B Answer the questions. Give more information ifyou can.

    Free English PDF eBooks

    A Do you walk to schoo!!. Igo by bus. Match each text to a photo. What do the three people do? Three people say what they think I like the colors, gray and red.

    The only things I don't like are the tie, because it's difficult to put on. I think uniforms are a good idea. Everybody looks the same, and it's easy to get dressed in the morning - I don't need to think about what to wear.

    Z Our uniform is dark pants and a white nylon top. We can't wear anything over the uniform. I'm not against uniforms, but my 1.

    I like it. And I think it's important that people c. Check with your teacher or a dictionary. Do you like it? Why not? Do you think uniforms are a good idea? Read their profiles and look at their photos. Then cover them and say whatyou can remember. Do you think they are a good match? English Grammar Workbook For Dummies. Natural English Upper-Intermediate Workbook. New Total English Intermediate Workbook. Natural English. Messages 1 Workbook.

    Workbook, Level 1. Write Right 1 Workbook. Discovering Albanian 1 Workbook. Vocabulary Building Workbook 1. Family and Friends 1: Recommend Documents. American English File 2 Workbook Elementary workbook Contents Nice to meet you 4 Who were they?

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