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TOR BOOKS BY BRANDON SANDERSON. Warbreaker I finished the first draft of The Way of Kings in , but I started working on pieces of the book back in. THE WAY OF KINGS TOR BOOKS BY BRANDON SANDERSON Warbreaker The Mistborn Trilogy Mistborn The Well of Ascension The. The right of Brandon Sanderson to be identified as the author of this work I finished the first draft of The Way of Kings in , but I started working on pieces .

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Brandon Sanderson The Way Of Kings Pdf

I have some great news for all the US and Canada readers: in preparation for the Oathbringer release later this year, is offering a free. xaxZ9uVoviea - Read and Download Brandon Sanderson's book The Stormlight Archive, Books The Way of Kings, Words of Radiance, Oathbringer in. The Stormlight Archive - Book # 1. Brandon Sanderson. Nenhuma oferta encontrada. ISBN ISBN Ano: / Páginas.

Roshar is a world of stone and storms. Uncanny tempests of incredible power sweep across the rocky terrain so frequently that they have shaped ecology and civilization alike. Animals hide in shells, trees pull in branches, and grass retracts into the soilless ground. Cities are built only where the topography offers shelter. It has been centuries since the fall of the ten consecrated orders known as the Knights Radiant, but their Shardblades and Shardplate remain: mystical swords and suits of armor that transform ordinary men into near-invincible warriors. Men trade kingdoms for Shardblades.

They also communicate through songs and rhythms in their heads. Shin — A race native to the region of Shinovar, Shin have white skin and bald heads, lack epicanthic folds unlike the other races , and stand shorter than most others, averaging five feet tall. They also have bigger and rounder eyes. Azish — Native to the nation of Azir, the Azish have dark skin and hair.

Azish storytellers Worldsingers travel the world, spreading knowledge of other lands and cultures. Both of these nations divide their people into classes, primarily based on the color of their eyes. Those with dark eye colors brown, dark green, charcoal grey are mostly peasants and can even be made slaves. Those with light eye colors blue, yellow, tan, green, violet, orange, etc.

Within these classes, there are further class distinctions known as nahn for darkeyes and dahn for lighteyes. Both have ten levels within. For the nahn, they range from slaves in the 10th nahn to full citizens with the right to travel in the second and first nahn. In the dahn system, lighteyes in the 10th dahn are considered only slightly better than darkeyes, and a very rich darkeyed man or woman may marry into an extremely poor lighteyed family, in very rare cases.

The first dahn is composed of the king and his family. Spren[ edit ] Spren are spirits in the land of Roshar which either cause, or are drawn to, different conditions or emotions. There are thousands of them.

One character, Hesina, the mother of Kaladin states, "Spren appear when something changes - when fear appears, or when it begins to rain. They are the heart of change, and therefore the heart of all things.

Jasnah Kholin also mentions that the 10 orders of the Knights Radiant drew their power from spren. Some examples are Syl, an Honorspren who shares a bond with Kaladin, giving him surgebinding powers of Windrunner; Pattern, who created a bond with Shallan, allowing her to surgebind and soulcast; and Wyndle, who bonded with the thief Lift, allowing her to surgebind.

Dalinar Kholin also binds a spren, the Stormfather, though he does so in an unconventional manner. Jasnah bonded an inkspren named Ivory. Some spren, such as flamespren, share characteristics with current observations in quantum mechanics[ citation needed ].

For example, when they are observed they remain stable in the recorded state, but when tested more thoroughly, they change as though at random. As revealed in the second book, Spren are "concepts and ideas" given physical form by the human collective subconscious.

Among the many forms of spren, some are intelligent, possess self-awareness, and have even built their own cities. They reside naturally in Shadesmar, and often cross over into the physical realm.

This comes at the cost of most of their self-awareness for the higher, more exalted spren, which they can regain by making bonds with humans. The sea and land are reversed in Shadesmar — what would be land on Roshar is a sea of black beads in Shadesmar, each representing a physical form on Roshar.

Shadesmar also contains cities and a strange type of flora. Surgebinding[ edit ] Surgebinding refers to a group of ten magic systems that stem from Honor, one of the three Shards of Adonalsium present on Roshar. Each of Surgebinding's ten systems revolves around 'binding' two natural 'Surges,' for instance Gravity and Adhesion, to the Surgebinder's will.

Recent Arrivals: Macmillan Audio: The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson

Surgebinding is powered by Stormlight, and the ability is granted to humans through bonding with a Spren, a type of elemental spirit native to Roshar. There are ten Surgebinding's branches, with Windrunning and powers of Lightweavers Transformation - Soulcasting and Illumination - illusions , described thoroughly.

Windrunning is an ability where the wielder uses the power of Stormlight to affect gravity and adhesion. It is described in three methods known as the "Three Lashings". A Basic Lashing changes the direction of gravitational pull for an individual causing the person to be pulled towards another object or direction instead of towards the center of the planet. A Full Lashing is described as creating an almost [35] unbreakable bond between two objects until the Stormlight dissipates.

A Reverse Lashing causes an object to have a much stronger gravitational pull, causing other objects to be pulled towards it. There are a total of thirty different magic-systems on Roshar, with ten tied to each of the three Shards of Adonalsium present on the planet; the ten branches of Surgebinding to Honor, ten as yet unseen systems associated with Cultivation, and the ten levels of Voidbinding thought to be tied to Odium. It has proven able to turn rock into smoke, purify blood of poisons, and create food, and it has many other applications as well.

Soulcasting is done by means of a device called a soulcaster that is powered by gems imbued with Stormlight. The type of gem placed inside the soulcaster determines what the caster can transform.

With each use of a soulcaster, there is a chance of the gem cracking and being destroyed, especially when a large amount of matter is changed.

Shallan's father's steward knew how to use a soulcaster, [39] as he used Shallan's father's soulcaster. Jasnah Kholin and, by the end of The Way of Kings, Shallan are capable of doing magic that has very similar effects to Soulcasting but does not require a soulcaster to be used, and does not require that the magic user be in physical contact with the object they transform.

Shadesmar is described in detail in the book but mostly consists of a world made from tiny glass beads. Once within Shadesmar the power from a Stormlight infused gem can be used to manipulate objects. Sanderson has confirmed that Hoid is very good at using Shadesmar, that this is how Hoid moves between worlds, and that people on other worlds within the Cosmere have ways of accessing Shadesmar which are different from those the characters in this book use.

When used on living creatures, they can kill or maim with a single cut by the blade passing through the living soul. They can also render limbs useless, when they cut through them.

The only known defenses against a Shardblade are Shardplate, shields called "half-shards", and another Shardblade. Those who own a Shardblade can summon their blade from thin air in ten heartbeats, and can make their blade disappear at will.

The armor provides protection against Surgebinding, as one wearing the armor cannot be "lashed" directly. The armor can be repaired or "regrown" though it takes a long time.

Kaladin and Syl express a revulsion to the Shardblades wielded by the Alethi. During Dalinar's visions he sees the Knights Radiant wearing Shardplate and wielding Shardblades, but he notes that the plate when worn by the Radiants glow.

Additionally, the number of Blades and Plate worn by the Radiants is much greater than the number left in the world at the main timeline of The Way of Kings. There are also references to "Honorblades" and "Dawnshards", though the terms are only applied to the weapons of the Heralds of the Almighty and only on occasion.

An Honorblade is a sword that gives the user Surgebinding abilities. One such sword is used by Szeth and allows him to Windrun. The Shardblades used by the Knights Radiant can be summoned instantly. For example, Kaladin's Shardblade changes into a spear and again into a shield when fighting Szeth. Most Shardblades are actually dead spren that come alive for a period of time by attuning themselves to their owner's heartbeat. There are also ten Honorblades that each grant the powers of one order of Radiants.

PDF - The Way of Kings

These weapons don't appear to be physical manifestations of spren, dead or alive, and were likely wielded by The Heralds until nine of them were abandoned at the end of Aharietiam, or the last desolation. Szeth, the assassin in white, uses an Honorblade of Jezrien in the first two books, and the Herald, Nalan, wields the honor blade of the Skybreakers. Bounds of Redemption: Book 1 BOOK. Rebel Wayfarers MC Chi lo produce e chi lo sottrae nell'economia globale BOOK.

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The Way of Kings : Book One of the Stormlight Archive PDF-EPub Book by Brandon Sanderson - 22des18z

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The Way of Kings

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